Call the Midwife Season 6 Episode 4 – Episode 4

Call the Midwife Season 6 Episode 4   Episode 4

Episode 4

As Nonnatus House settles back into its old regime, TRIXIE oversees the ante-natal care for churchgoer and single mother Marnie Wallace who is estranged from her husband and expecting her third child. Tom does all he can to support Marnie, but facing eviction and an insurmountable amount of debt, Marnie turns to her wealthy and childless cousin, Dot, for help. Previously Dot had offered to raise the unborn child as her own and clear Marnie of her debts, which Marnie had rebuffed but she now changes her mind. As the cousins enter into this painful arrangement and the newborn baby is handed over, Tom reveals why he is touched more by Marnie’s case than many others.Elsewhere, Shelagh is still hospitalised with her threatened miscarriage and bonds with Gloria Venables in the neighbouring hospital bed. Like Shelagh, Gloria is terrified to move with her longed-for pregnancy threatened with miscarriage. Shelagh is rendered helpless when Gloria miscarries the morning she is due to have a surgical procedure to keep the pregnancy viable. Meanwhile, Dr Turner is putting on a brave face and is unable to confide in Timothy his true fears, which actually worsens their pain as the two men struggle to talk to each other.Elsewhere, Sister Julienne, with Nurse Crane’s assistance, seeks to recruit a new midwife but the standard of candidates is sorely disappointing. Sister Julienne then remembers how skilful and quick thinking Valerie Dyerhad been helping after the dock explosion and suggests she apply for the job. As Poplar prepares to celebrate the opening of a new park with a chariot race, Nurse Crane gets to grips with her new role as Akela, and Trixie knocks herself and her keep fit ladies into shape.

Call the Midwife Season 6 Episode 4   Episode 4

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